Chemical products
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Constructional plastics, materials for electric, thermal, waterproofing isolation, rubber-technical products, chemical reactants


Chemical products

Most popular materials are in a warehouse in Poltava, any chemicals under the order.
Nitric acid
Orthophosphoric acid
85 %
Citric acid
Nitrometilphosphonic acid
for processing of chinks
Acetic acid
water purification
Boron carbide
Calcium carbide
gas welding
Liquid glass
construction, industrial production
Calcium chloride
construction, industrial production
Epoxide, a hardener
construction, industrial production
Glue for hermetic sealing
construction, industrial production
disinfections, clearing
Hydrate of sodium
disinfections, clearing
Preforming salt
water purification
Sulfate of carbon
a filtration
Silicone gel
drying of gas, removal of vapor of moisture
Three natrium phosphate
a washing-up liquid, fertilizer
Chloric lime
Rubber-technical products
In the given group of materials all are made on the basis of the rubber, used as packing, shock-absorber, pipelines, brake elements
Tribonit , ferredo
brake systems
Cord, vacuum, porous
Foam rubber a sheet, a structure
Vacuum rubber, a tube, a cord
Membrane cloth
Food technical plate
Crude rubber more than 20 kinds
Sleeves, pipelines
gasoline, water, fume, an acid, alkali, gases
Technical plate (rubber-fabric)
Technical food plate
Silicone technical plate
food, temperature prooft, elastic, durable, chemical proof
Transported tape
Drive belts
Profile rubber
Industrial termal isolation
Given materials differ first of all by high temperature resistance and the minimal heat conductivity. On their basis fabrics, cords, stuffings, linings are created. It is used in mechanical engineering as packings, germetic materials and at high temperatures. Recently non asbestine heat insulators on the basis of ceramics are introduced.
Asbestine cardboard
Asbestine cloth
Asbestine-steel rings
Asbestine powder
Asbestine-cement plate 10-40mm
Ceramic fabric
Ceramic cardboard
Cord from 1,5-3,5mm
Stich mats
Mats trim with fiber glass fabric
Termal isolatin mats
Foilled heat isolation in assortment
Fluminium adhesive tape in assortment
Asbestine transport tape
Glass netting
The accent of activity of the enterprise is made on constructional plastics with the purpose as much as possible to replace metals. There, where the temperature of application is not higher than 280C, plastics are more economic, durable. At the same time, our enterprise accepts Orders for manufacturing of pressing die with the subsequent manufacture of details under drawings of the customer.
Vinil plastic , PVC plastic
galvanic baths
Vinil plastic electrodes
for welding of vinil plast
PVC film 30 micron
for packing products
PVC film 300 micron
PVC film 700 micron
an awning for cafe, motor vehicles, pools, a waterproofing
PVC with polyurethane a covering
for chemical proof tanks
Polyurethane sheet, cores
increased wear resistance, durability
Merkanit cores, a sheet, cartridges
bearings, pinion, wheels of carriages, blade, atomizers
Merkanit filled with graphite
the same, but not food, reduction in friction
Merkanit self-lubricating
not swells in water, reduction in friction
Polypropylene sheet up to 100mm thickness
galvanic baths, it is easily welded
polypropylene electrodes
for welding polypropylene
Polyethylene of high density PE-300, a sheet
galvanic baths, it is easily welded, collectors
Polyethylene electrodes
for welding polythene
High-molecular polyethylene PE-500, a sheet
protection of metal against the impacts, directing circuits, units of friction
Superhigh-molecular polyethylene PE-1000, a sheet
non abrasing
it is better than merkanit, more expensive
the food-processing industry, medicine, very elastic
Fluoroplast F4, teflon, a sheet, a tape, a core
packing, resistance to high temperatures and chemicals
Fluoroplastic film 50 micron, 100 micron, etc.
electroisolation at high temperature, radiation, excited environments
Fluoroplastic tube
the same
Fluoroplast F3, a powder
fettling metall surfaces
Plexiglas transparent, matte, colored
various marks depending on purpose
Cellular polycarbonate
construction, canopies, roofs
Alumoprom , polythene covered with an aluminium foil
construction, advertising
Materials for electroisolation
Laminated bakelite insulation
Glass-cloth laminate , F
Textolite in assortment
Textolite pipe in assortment
Tube isolation
Tube PCV
Materials for water- heat- noise isolation, decorative furnish, sanitary works.
Tow building, sanitary
Slabs of composite marble
Decorative furnish
Fiber glass fabric
waterproofing of pipes, roofs
Flexible air pipes
Electrodes , , a stainless steel
waterproofing of pipes, roofs, bathrooms, pools
Industrial fan heaters
heating of shops, garages

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