Foamisol (unipor)
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Foamisol (unipor)

Foamisol (unipor) is light, cheap and a fireproof material in comparison, for example, with widely used polystyrene. It can be prepared directly on a building site that allows to exclude expensive transport charges and losses of material at transportation. It is possible to make plates (blocks) of the set thickness of it or to fill in hollow structures of three-layer protecting constructions where it polymerizes and dries up in normal conditions.

Foamisol possesses by high properties of thermal isolation (factor of heat conductivity from 0,035-0,047 W/mK), low density (8-25 kg /m3 high resistibility to fire, stability to microorganisms , availability, cheapness.

In the constructions filled with Foamisol (unipor), even at presence of cracks in an external wall danger of penetration of a moisture in a room is excluded. Even at the big congestion of a moisture on border of the unit of an internal surface of an external wall and a lagging, despite of the open interstice structure, Foamisol (unipor) does not pass a moisture inside of a room that interferes with increase of humidity in a room and condensation of a moisture on internal walls of a building. Racks to action of the majority of excited environments, organic solvents, of fungus and microorganisms. Initial condensation of Foamisol (unipor) there is for 15-20 minutes after an exit foamed compositions from foam formed sleeves, the subsequent condensation - within 3-4 hours. For this time the material becomes elastic.

Final condensation and drying of Foamisol (unipor) continues 1,5-3 days, depending on an ambient temperature. Due to these advantages low cost of a construction finally is provided at rather high quality thermal isolation and approximately in 4 times terms of performance of works are reduced. With application of this material the further development is received with the facilitated constructions. It is especially perspective to use foamisol (unipor) at construction 1-2-storeyed constructions such as hangars, box, covered platforms, at warming warehouses, garages, summer residences, at current and major overhaul of inhabited and industrial buildings and constructions, for example, for isolation of roofs, walls, blocking of floors, in roofing and wall panels with a wooden or metal skeleton with protecting coverings, in collapsible constructions, in soundproofing partitions, for isolation of pipelines, vegetable storehouses, industrial refrigerators, etc.

Good physicotechnical and operational characteristics of Foamisol (unipor) are caused first of all by the contents in it up to 90 % of a gas phase, a chemical compound, a ratio of initial components, technology and the rules of its manufacture. On the basis of the experimental data received at tests for durability, and operating experience of similar polymeric materials in civil construction it is possible to guarantee, that predicted service life foamisol (unipor) for vertical constructions of buildings will make at least 65 years. (That is impossible to tell, for example, about mineral wool).


kg / m 3


Heat conductivity



Strength at 10 percentage linear deformations

kg / sm 2


at a bend

kg / sm 2


at a stretching

kg / sm 2


Water absorption for 24 hours (on weight)



Humidity (on weight)



The Range of working temperatures

from a minus 50 up to plus 120

Duration of independent burning



Group of combustibility

is not lower 2 (hard inflammable)

Group inflammability

is not lower 2 (moderately combustible)

Group of smoke abilities

is not lower 1 (with small
smoke ability
160 gk/m 2 )


In summary, it is important to mention, that foamisol has passed tests and has received in Ukraine Technical Specifications for application in construction. A guiding price - is 30 $/m 3 , plus of an expense for transportation of the equipment to a place of work (within the limits of Poltava - 6 $), the costs of performance is included in cost of a material.

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