Basalt isolation
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Basalt isolation

Basalt fibers and materials on their basis possess high properties to isolate a sound and heat. Advantage of basalt isolation (in comparison with other materials, especially synthetic origin) is an opportunity to unit heat and sound insulation with fire safety.

1. Low heat conductivity of super thin basalt staple fibres is caused by their advanced surface which forms a plenty of micropores that interferes to convection and thermal radiation.

2. Temperature stability of these products exceeds glass and mineral fibres. High ability of basalt fibres to isolate heat give an opportunity to use them for isolation of different thermal units as at high temperatures up to + 700...900 C, and in cryogenic conditions at temperature from - 269 C.

3. Low, not growing in time hygroscopicity (about 1 %), of basalt fibres provides stability of characteristics at long operation (rather: at glass fibres hygroscopicity over 10 %).

4. The acid - and alkali stability resistance is higher than mineral and glass fibres have.

5. Thanking one of component of initial raw material (basalt), basalt fibre isolation has the high module of acidity.

6. Basalt fibre Isolation does not burn, limits spreading of a smoke and fire in the closed rooms. Products from a basalt fibre under the influence of fire do not loose properties to isolate heat within 20 minutes that exceeds standards of all foreign countries.

7. Basalt isolation is stable - does not change the initial properties during all term of operation.

8. The especial characteristic of basalt isolation is a high long term, corrosion resistance.

9. Biologically proof basalt isolation does not create conditions for growth of microorganisms, does not decay and is not destroyed by insects, worms, rodents Growth of fungi on samples is estimated by a point "0", that is especial advantage to construction.

10. Basalt fibres chemically neutral - do not act on other building materials, not sensitive on their actions. Especially effectively to apply basalt fibre laggings which is proof to aggressive action on cattle-breeding farms, in construction of agricultural buildings where mineral and glasswool laggings collapse.

11. Basalt fibres -are inorganic natural product, formed as a result of fusion of basalt (rocks) non-polluting heat isolated material.

Effectively to apply thermal isolation from basalt fibres as thermal isolation, sound insulation, fire isolation, filters in:

  • Aviation technics;
  • Power (nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric power stations);
  • LIatrotechnics ;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Mechanical engineering, instrument making (isolation of boilers, furnaces, refrigerating machineries, the industrial equipment, home appliances);
  • Chemical, metallurgical and motor industry, car building;
  • Construction from industrial to housing (isolation of floors, partitions, walls, blockings, ceilings).

Basalt fibres and materials on their basis, due to high physical and technical properties, are competitive in comparison with the best traditional heat isolated materials which are known in foreign practice.

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